There is a secret way by which you can do a lot of things on facebook profiles, photo albums and other applications by using scripts. Here is the step by stepprocedure to use script for facebook profile.

Step-1 : Script will run on Mozilla Firefox browser only. This is a free and super powerful browser. If you are already using Mozilla Firefox browser, go to next step, else download and install it first.

Step-2 : Download Greasemonkey . This is an adds-on for Firefox browser. Install it for FireFox. You know here how to install it on browser.

Step-3 : Now install your desired script from here. Insure that GreaseMonkey is running at your browser.

Now enjoy FaceBook in other form.

As Facebok continues to patch up these hacks and script but users keep discovering new security holes and new script each time. You should install latest version of script from here. If you are lucky you will get your desired result.

From User script you can also do followings things at FACEBOOK

Facebook Monsters Enhancer-
Creates a menu to use those applications in facebook and has auto-play functions

Video Focus v1.1.1-
Watch online videos without any distractions like ads, chats, comments, etc.. Options: Auto browser resize, video scale, custom background color, comments on/off, related videos on/off, download videos, +70 video sites

Facebook Large Photos-
Makes profile pictures large in facebook search results

inYOf4ceBook-larger versions of thumbnails and profile pictures on mouseover on Based on inYOfaceBook and inYOfac3Book.

Undo new facebook redesign-Puts the menu back from the top to the left. Also sorts out the banner so it looks better. (Updated 28 May for new ‘Applications’ menu).

Black Facebook Skin-Alters the display of facebook to be nicely black with a soothing wallpaper :-)

Facebook Auto-Colorizer-Adds an awesome color scheme to facebook based on your photo.

FacebookNames-Re-name people who don’t quite get that ‘real name’ means ‘real name’. Or just call people tossers.

Cal Bear Facebook-*Add “Cal Bears” colours to Facebook *Also extend the titlebar to match the template/content (the corner fix) *Updated with animated logo, looks nice: check the screens

Facebook Slayers/Werewolves/Vampires/Zombies En…Creates a menu to use those applications in facebook. Creates a Statistics pane showing basic stats. Has an auto-feed function. Has an auto-fight function. Has a full-auto function.

Facebook – View All Photos-Places link to view all photos of a user

Facebook Wall Writers-Changes the picture used for wall posts in your news feed to be the person writing, not the person whose wall is being written on.

purple theme Facebook Skin-purple theme facebook skin for brittany burke, by rob mason:-)

Remember links to my hero profile in my hero -This script remembers when a user posted link to hero profile in group wall, link to facebook user profile will be replaced with My Hero Application profile.

Bio Hazard Facebook Skin..- Bio Hazard facebook skin by rob mason

Matrix Facebook Skin..-Matrix facebook skin by rob mason

Facebook Clean Profile- Changes Facebook profile links into cleanprofile links

Facebook DotA Enhancer- Provides enhancements for the Defense of the Ancients application on Facebook. Features include advanced autocreeping, auto-battling, auto-sending potions and scrolls, highlight items you don’t have, counting medals and allies, and a shortcut menu.

Facebook Toggle All Modules- Double-click in the Facebook profile page to collapse all modules in the page, double-click again to expand all the modules.

Facebook – View All Photos-Places a link to view all photos of a user regardless of who tagged them. Also allows you to see photos of someone who has a private profile

UnFuck Facebook-A total redesign of Facebook that gets rid of apps and ads that no user would ever want to see